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Zen Holiday Mulling Spices

$ 5.00
Zen Holiday Mulling Spices

Zen Holiday Mulling Spices

$ 5.00

Our festive bestseller includes whole star anise, cloves, allspice berries, cinnamon for a warm mulled wine or cider on those cold winter nights, a spiced up punch or whiskey sour.


The story: Always searching for new ways to delight our holiday guests, we asked celebrated Chicago mixologist, Eden Laurin, to create a unique, non-alcoholic punch to add to our collection. You can “spice up” our punch by adding a splash of vodka, or equal parts Prosecco and punch.

Spice Spotlight: As a festive addition to our zen blends, the 8 pronged star anise is fascinating for both its astral looks and dominant licorice flavor. However our spotlight is on cloves for their extraordinary anti-inflammatory effects derived from the active component eugenol.

Occasions: Winter nights and holiday gatherings, our mulling spices make a delicious spiced red wine, mulled cider or hibiscus punch mocktail. Pair with a bottle of red wine or prosecco for a festive hostess gift.


Hibiscus Shrub Mocktail, or Cocktail

Mulled Wine, or Cider

Spiced Whiskey Sour

How to use a whole spice infusion: Remove the spice bag from the pouch. Follow the recipe included on the back of the pouch or choose from additional recipes featured online.